Performance coax Performance serien 165mm

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61/2'' (16,5CM) TWO-WAY COAXIAL KIT 

Treat your car audio installation to powerful sound thanks to the PC 165, a coaxial speaker driver kit with 61/2″ (16.5cm) woofers. The tweeters can be orientated for even greater listening comfort. The woofer, with its Polyglass cone, will surround you in warm sound without colouration.

The speaker driver with integrated crossover makes installation easier. Connect your kit with great ease and enjoy the extreme sensations of listening to Performance speaker drivers. Create your sound with ease.

For thirty years, French experts have been innovating to bring you the best technologies to increase listening comfort. Focal soon became the reference in the car audio sector as well as in the high-end market. The Performance line was designed so you can create your ideal system: powerful, precise and high- fidelity.

What makes the difference:

  • Partial horn loading tweeter
  • High sensitivity
  • High soundstage
  • Dynamics and neutrality


  • 2-veis coaxialsystem.
  • 165mm (6,5") Bass/mellomtone
  • Polyglass membran (ren ufarget klang)
  • Chassis av aluminium (stabilt og umagnetisk)
  • 25mm Svingspole
  • 80mm Magnet
  • Delvis hornladet invertert aluminium diskant (høy følsomhet og lite retningsbestemt)
  • Justerbar vinkel av diskant
  • 2-veis integrert delefilter (enklere montering/integrasjon)
  • Maks effekt: 120W
  • RMS effekt: 60W
  • Følsomhet (2.83V/1m): 93,6 dB
  • Frekvensrespons: 60Hz-20kHz
  • Monteringsdybde 65mm
  • Griller inkludert


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