FOCAL FD 1.350 Direct Fet ®

Ultra kompakt klasse D monoblokk

NOK3 490,00 inkl. mva.
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  • 1 kanals klasse D effektforsterker med delefilter.
  • DIRECT FET ® teknologi muliggjør meget kompakte mål
  • Auto power on ved bruk av høynivå inngangene. Trenger da ikke styrestrøm / remote
  • Lavpass filter 40-400Hz trinnløst justerbart 12dB.
  • Effekt CEA 2006 standard:
  • RMS Effekt @13,8V 4Ohm: 1 x 210W
  • RMS Effekt @13,8V 2Ohm: 1 x 350W
  • Mål (H x B x L): 43mm x 108mm x 199mm
  • Forsterkerene i denne serien kan stables flere i høyden


Direct Fet® technology optimises the amplifier’s heat management. This technology helps reduce the overall temperature of the MOSFET components, thanks to the optimisation of their electrical and thermal resistance.
Actually, everything takes place in the casing of the component: thanks to a specific design, heat is dissipated via the aluminium heat sink and also via the chassis. This gives the advantage of obtaining more power in a confined space, making it possible to combine integration and sound quality.
The use of low-noise operational amplifiers considerably reduces distortion. To be more specific, this means increased musicality and enhanced precision.


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