Rebec A8 III

Rebec 6 kanals Forsterker med 8 kanals DSP

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DSP Series Amplifier

New A8III introducing a better DSP, 6 ch high level input and an upgrade in power suply, compare to the A8II

The DSP amplifier combines a DSP audio processor with a class AB power amplifier. Satisfied the resolution and exquisiteness of class AB power amplifier, through adjustment from the DSP audio processorg, Filling the affect sounducture of car inetrior space, realize the regeneration of music, present a complete music stage in front of you. DSP amplifier can be non-destructive installation with the cars, doesn’t change the original structure, reduce the occupied space, can let the music more real and natural. The DSP series amplifiers reflects a new idea of the design, not only achieved good sound effects, also greatly saves the space and cost. In addition to computer tuning, you can also switch BT control on mobile phones. DSP Amplifiers include: DSP-A6II,  DSP-A8II, DSP-A8III and DSP-A8S for different audio system configuration.

The A8III and the A8S has an upgrade Eq compare to A8II with now 31 band eq each chanell, compare to 7 band for A8ii


Operating mode:          Class AB

Input sensitivity:              0.9-4.5V

Power supply:                 10-16V

Frequency range:          20Hz-20KHz

Output power :              75W×6ch

Input: 4ch low level 6 ch high level, external BT

Bridged output power: 240W

Signal to noise ratio:      >95dB

Internal fuse:                  25Ax2

Dimensions:          353×170×50(mm)

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