Vibe CVENS2-V4

Channel Amplifier -2 Channel Amp, 60mm x 647mm x 290mm, 2 x 350 Watts

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Vibe CVEN: 2 Channel Amplifier CVENS2-V4

Each CVEN product is manufactured with material specifically selected for their inherent qualities to perform without any constraint of cost. 

2 Channel, class AB amplifier


CLASS AB TOPOLOGY: Class AB topology delivers natural and dynamic sound quality.

TOP MOUNTED CONTROLS: Top mount controls make setup after installation much more convenient than traditional designs.

WIDEBAND CROSSOVER: Fully configurable HPF / LPF / BPF crossovers with frequency multiplier allows  fully active drive of component speaker systems

Model CVENS2-V4
Configuration 2 channel
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2.4” x 25.5” x 11.4” (60mm x 647mm x 290mm)
RMS @ 4Ω Stereo (14.4v 1% THD) 2 x 350 watts
RMS @ 2Ω Stereo (14.4v 1% THD) 2 x 700 watts
RMS @ 1Ω Stereo (14.4v 1% THD) 2 x 1000 watts
RMS @ 4Ω Mono (14.4v 1% THD) 1 x 1400 watts
RMS @ 2Ω Mono (14.4v 1% THD) 1 x 2000 watts
RMS @ 1Ω Mono (14.4v 1% THD) N/A
RMS @ 0.5Ω Mono (14.4v 1% THD) N/A
Maximum Power 4000 watts
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
Crossover Type LP / HP / BP / Flat
Crossover Range 15Hz - 4kHz
Topology Class AB

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