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 Slimline design

• Wide Roll foam surround

• In house designed motor structure

• 900 watts Max

• Work in the smallest of boxes

VIBE Audio presents our products in the Blackair Range with out New Ultra Slim subwoofers

These latest subwoofer have been engineered with space saving and performance at the forefront of development.

Often space is the limiting factory in modern vehicles and can make adding bass which we know ist he life and soul of the music very difficult. Our Blackair slimline subwoofers have been designed to give you amazing bass reproduction even from the tightest of spaces

Avaliable in 10 and 12 inch models, our slimline subwoofers are ultra slim measuring under 3.1:in depth making them easy to fit in custom enclosure where space is limited, this paired with high quality magnets, a unique basket design which encloses the magnet inside with a specially designed spider platform to enhance performance despite its lack of depth.

A high quality but lightweight 2.5” voice coil is used capable of 300 watts RMS on the dual 2ohm set up. Woven tinsel leads, PC spiders, light weight foam surround and a robust PP dust-cap make up the soft-parts, this engineered combination makes for a highly efficient subwoofer with great accuracy when it comes to bass reproduction.

The slimline nature allows both 10 and 12 inch woofers to be installed into enclosures under 1 cubic foot of volume!Slim, Elegant and designed for performance – The New Blackair Slimline subwoofers


Model – BLACKAIR12D2S-V2

Speaker Size – 12” (313mm)

Peak/RMS Power – 900W/300W

Sensitivity – 82dB

Frequency Response – 25Hz – 850Hz

Impedance – Dual 2Ω

Voice Coil – 3” 4 layer

Mounting Depth – 3.1” (80mm)

Mounting Diameter – 10.5” (267mm)

Enclosure Volume – 1 – 5ft3

Recommended Amp – POWERBOX400.1M

Parameter    BLACKAIR12D2S-V2(Series)         BLACKAIR12D2S-V2(Parallel)

Fs                     31.63Hz                                                31.82Hz

Vas                  32.205                                                   27.724

Re                    3.6Ω                                                       0.9Ω

Qms                5.488                                                      4.442

Qes                  0.965                                                      0.865

Qts                   0.821                                                      0.724

BL                    13.897Tm                                              7.887Tm

SPL                  82.1dB                                                   82dB

Sd                     0,048m/2                                             0,048m/2

Cms                 97.197uM/N                                         83.672uM/N

Mms                260.439g                                              298.993g

Mmd               254.335g                                               292.888g

X-Max            8mm.                                                     8mm

X-Mech          20mm                                                    20mm

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